Hand-Held Frother


Your New Best Friend for Espresso, Coffee (Or even Collagen and Protein Powder)

This handy little gadget really packs a punch! With a 12,000 rpm motor- this hand-held milk frother can produce the thickest, foamiest drink in seconds. With a sleek, cordless design and convenient one-touch operation, this powerful stainless steel frother, can effortlessly froth milk or even mix your Collagen or Bone Broth in your liquid of choice.

Whisper Quiet

Keeps your frothing whisper quiet while you are creating your hot masterpieces. Built with a powerful yet quiet motor, this cute little wand silently whips up rich, smooth and delicate foam for cafe-quality drinks in seconds.

How to Use

Use directly inside your mug of choice and pour espresso or coffee over the foam for an authentic drink experience.

You’ll never go back once you realize how much this frother simplifies your routine. In addition to using for espresso or coffee, you can also simply add a scoop of Collagen or Bone Broth Protein to your favourite mug, add nut milk or water, and froth!

For a quick cleanup, put the frother in hot soapy water and press the button and it will clean itself.

Once dry, this slim drink gadget nestles easily in your kitchen drawer for hassle-free access. Your cordless whisk adds smooth, full-bodied texture to your favorite drinks and recipes. You won’t want to pass this up!